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Where's the line?

Somewhere around Maryland or Virginia, a bluegill turns into a bream. And that's pronounced 'brim' like the shady part on y'all's straw hat. Geography and dialect aside, the fish are the same. Though here at the Rose River Farm ponds, they're big enough to fill a 12" pan. This is the pre-tournament tournament that our friend Cory Routh arranges for the folks in the 2-Fly. People get a chance to throw a line, practice their cast, and chase some panfish. It's fun. Here's the 2017 2-Fly Bream Tournament crowd.  

Randall from Cheyenne won it, with two 11+inch bream that are VA state citation size. He'd never seen, let alone fished for, a bream before. They're fun on the fly.

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